28 July 2020

Poetry from the text biz

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In 2020, a modern plague swept across the world. Covid-19, also known by its generic term Coronavirus, brought major disruption to every continent on the planet. As Covid-19 raged, stretching medical services and sending whole countries into lockdown, writers and artists were among those who rallied with a burst of shared endeavour. The poetry in this collection, by Bruce Marsland, is an example of such a response. Consisting of original poems alongside parodies of famous works, Quarantining: Poems in the Time of Corona represents a slice of life in troubled times.

The 50 poems in this collection are inspired by different travel destinations around the world. From Hawaii to New Zealand, and from Finland to South Africa, this collection moves through many of the compass points on a traveller’s atlas. While the main theme is travel, the notion of time is also a constant presence. The poems echo a traveller’s footsteps over a period of some three decades, but also the footsteps of others, through history and the present day, with one eye on the future.

'Magnetic resonance imaging' explores the psychological themes of love, growth, and loss through lyricism and poetry. The collection is loosely based on the structure of Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons'.

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